Classic sightseeing tours
Bus tour "Vienna at first glance"

On this tour you are going to see all the main tourist attractions of Vienna: the Ring boulevard with its marvelous representation buildings (state opera, imperial palace, academy of fine arts, museum of fine arts, museum of natural history, museums quarters, parliament, town hall, national theatre, votive church, stock exchange building, Ring tower, Urania, war ministry, Radetzky monument, museum of applied arts and many more) and its sumptuous private residences, the diplomatic quarter north of the Danube river with the UNO-City, the Andromeda-Tower and the Ares-Tower, the Danube river itself with the Danube island and the "Copa Cagrana", the splendid Hundertwasser buildings, the beautiful city park with the famous monument of Johann Strauss, the baroque Belvedere palace and the Schwarzenberg square with the impressive Red Army monument. The tour lasts about three hours, but take it easy: we are going to do two short stops at the Hundertwasser house and at Belvedere palace which will allow you to get off the bus, take some photos, do a bit of shopping and whatsoever you may need to do besides all that!

This bus tour is the ideal introduction to the city of Vienna!

Bus tour "imperial Vienna"

If you don't want to sit in a bus for three consecutive hours, or if you are a fan of Habsburg history, this tour program is made for you: After having done the classical tour of the Ring boulevard we will first take a quick walk through the inner city of Vienna, talking about the imperial palace Hofburg, the winter residence of the Habsburg family, then we will get back on the bus, drive along the valley of the river Vienna looking at the marvelous place of Saint Charles with its baroque church, the New Years Concert Hall and the Secession palace, the Otto Wagner buildings and the historical subway stations in Art nouveau style. Finally, we will arrive at Schönbrunn palace, where we will definitely leave the bus, walk a bit in the splendid palace gardens and visit the highlights of the summer residence rooms of the Habsburg dynasty. Looking at the original interiors, we will talk about the life and the character of empress Maria Teresia, emperor Francis Joseph, empress Sissi and other famous family members.

This tour is made for everyone who loves splendid palaces and spicy background information on the life of celebrities!

Bus tour "Vienna from outside and inside"

This tour is a combination of a classic bus tour of the Ring boulevard and a walk through the city center of Vienna: First we drive once around the old city following the trace of the former city walls, then we get off the bus in front of Saint Stevens Cathedral, the main church of Vienna, walk along the Graben looking at Saint Peters Church and the Black Plague monument, pass the Demel bakery shop who once made the cakes for the emperor, see the roman excavations on Saint Michaels square and finally arrive at the imperial palace, winter residence of the Habsburg family. We do a quick tour of the inner courtyards of Europe's second largest building, pass by the imperial apartments, the imperial treasury, the imperial chapel, the Spanish Riding School, the national library and the church of Saint Augustine before ending our tour on the Albertina square between the famous Albertina collection, the hotel Sacher and the Vienna state opera house.

This tour is a mixture of the panoramic city tour "Vienna at first glance" and the city walk "Vienna at first glance" - the perfect way to see Vienna if you are in a hurry!

Special sightseeing tours
Panorama tour "Vienna by tramway"

It is a particularly enriching experience to see the Ring boulevard in detail doing a tramway tour instead of a trip by bus. This permits you to appreciate the single monuments much better than usually as well as a higher degree of flexibility. When traveling by tramway, the tour can be customized according to your personal interests: If you see something you like, we simply leave the cab at the next station and go back to have a close look. There is no more personal way to do a guided tour! According to your preferences we can do a detailed visit of the imperial gardens, the heroes square, the museums quarters, the town hall park, the Danube channel area, the Greek city quarter or the city park with its splendid monuments - or perhaps do you want to see a little bit of them all?

This panorama tour doesn't have a fixed program - according to your personal interests we leave the tramway more or less often. If there is any time left, this tour can also be combined with a visit at the gardens of the Belvedere palace or at the Hundertwasser house. On request, this tour can also be done in historical old-timer wagons! 

Danube river cruise

View Vienna from a totally different perspective during a Danube river cruise. On this boat trip you will see the city center, the Hundertwasser buildings, the UNO-City, the Danube island and other important attractions from the water - a very particular experience!

This tour can be done on board of scheduled river cruise ships as well as on a private boat. Further information on request.